Oxford Arabic Dictionary 2024/01/31

Oxford Arabic Dictionary.zip (10.5 MB)



Thank you.

Thanks a million.


Latest Update: 2024-01-31T00:03:00Z

I was very surprised that so many people liked the dictionary, so I redesigned its layout. What’s more, I extracted and indexed the IDIOMS and PHRASAL VERBS.



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Thanks again.

Million thanks for this priceless gem.

I’m using the Goldendict app, and you might notice the lines aren’t playing nice – they start off small and then go all out huge at the end. Any way to fix this glitch?

Please download the latest version.

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I was about to complain about the typesetting. But I remembered: Beggers can’t be choosers. Thanks a trillion.

Thank you for the new design. One remake if you allow me:

The Arabic diacritical marks must be ignored to search successfully in this dictionary.

English to Arabic: perfect.:heart_eyes:

Arabic to English: can’t search successfully :sob:

I also previously noticed that, but I don’t know Arabic, so I lay it aside. Please guide me by giving some examples.

For example:

The word for the animal:


renders in Arabic as:


The word becomes after removing the diacritical marks:


You can solve this problem by redirecting, for example:




I don’t know if there is an online website that deprives the Arabic words from diacritical marks.

The words in the original dictionary data are not in their original form, which I find regrettable. Dealing with these diacritical marks might be challenging.

If you give me the original text for Arabic - English as Excel file, I will try my best to deprive the Arabic words from the diacritical marks.

Arabic - English.txt (13.7 MB)
Simply change the file extension to .csv.

Arabic - English.xlsx (4,9 MB)

I uploaded the file that you have sent me. I removed the diacritical marks from all the entries from row number:


To the end, that is, row number:


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Latest Update: 2024-01-31T15:03:00Z

Remove diacritical marks from words.


Now it’s really perfect. Mere expressions of gratitude seem insufficient to convey the depth of my appreciation for your kind work.