Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus (2015) 簡略版


懶得寫中文,簡單說,重新安排樣式,原來被隱藏的同義詞現在直接顯示了;刪了"Related Words"、"Near Antonyms"因為相連關係太泛,等於是浪費屏幕空間的二等貨;所以稱“簡略版”。佈局緊湊。

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus (2015)

  • By Mastameta 2021-08-21. In the original MDX (b*****du, 2015-9), the synonyms were hidden by default, even though they are the thesaurus' main content! Instead, I display all the synonyms and antonymns, and hide the example sentences, which can be viewed by pressing on the definition sentence, or by hovering over the magnifiying-glass icon: 🔍.
  • I removed the "Related Words" and "Near Antonyms," which I found mostly useless, as many were quite distant semantically from the headwords. Also removed Javascript, unnecessary tags and HTML leftover from the original website crawl.
  • This new design that shows the synonyms actually takes up less screen space than the original design that hid the synonyms. The TXT file is reduced from 95MB to 30MB.
  • Re-organized tags and re-designed the CSS. Corrected some spelling errors such as "visonary," which by itself occurred 22 times. Cleaned up redundant example sentences in entries: "blotch, disputable, grouch, hustle, sweat, swindle" etc.
  • Added 221 redirects to deal with diacritics (risque@risqué), plural forms (vibes@vibe), and variant spellings (shoppe@shop).
Headword entries: 22,265.
Redirects: 221.
Hyperlinks to headwords: 541,864.