Merriam Webster's Dictionary for Children

I bought this dictionary from a site. If anyone would like to convert it into mdx it will be very profitable for learners. Thanks for your attention.

This Dictionary is in epub, mobi and pdf format. I upload here epub format. If anyone need other format, can ask me.
Epub book:
Merriam-Webster_s Dictionary for Children.epub (34.3 MB)
Pdf book :smiley:



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This dictionary has less entries and doesn’t have pictures. So I bought the above for perfection. Thanks

Can you share this voice version. Thank you

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Look at this, it doesn’t have voices.

Can you Share PDF version of this dictionary,please?

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It can’t be upload here, wait for a link

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary for Children.rar (34.2 MB)
Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus.rar (5.6 MB)
Collins Cobuild Essential English Dictionary.rar (8.7 MB)


Thank you very much

Thanks for sharing.

Can anyone convert Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus to mdx? Its format is Mobi.And Here is its download link:

I uploaded pdf book too. Go to the original post again.

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Thank you very much.

These two pocket dictionaries are also good.“Pocket Oxford English Dictionary” and “Oxford Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus”.

Can you share me them?

I only have mobi version of pocket oxford english dictionary which is not a new version.If you want the new versions of these dictionaries you should buy them.

Pocket Oxford English (4.1 MB)