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In early summer, croaking frogs linger in the fields, earthworms are busy scarifying the soil, vegetables and fruits grow vigorously — life clamors on.

  • early summer 初夏
  • croak v. [I] to make a rough low sound, like the sound a frog makes 发出(像青蛙的)低沉刺耳声;呱呱地叫
  • linger v. [I] ( adv./prep.) to stay somewhere for longer because you do not want to leave; to spend a long time doing sth 流连;逗留;徘徊;花很长时间做(某事);磨蹭
  • earthworm n. 蚯蚓
  • scarify v. ~ sth to break up an area of grass, etc. and remove pieces of material from it that are not wanted 翻松(草地等)
  • scarify the soil 松土
  • vigorous adj. (of a plant) growing strongly(植物)茁壮的
  • clamor v. [I] (of many people ) to shout loudly, especially in a confused way (尤指乱哄哄地)大声地喊叫,呼叫,喧哗
  • 初夏,田间地头“听取蛙声一片”,蚯蚓忙着松土,蔬菜瓜果攀长,生命在喧哗。

In the wild, they look for woodland strawberries, fetch malantou (Indian aster). In Jiangnan, the region (south of the Yangtze River along its lower reaches), Brasenia schreberi, also known as watershields (a pond-growing herb), as well as luosi (river snails), are fresh and tasty.

  • woodland strawberry 野草莓
  • Jiangnan n. 古代的“江河”,就是指长江与黄河。而今天被我们称作“江南”的是长江下游地区,也就是 south of the Yangtze River along its lower reaches 长江下游以南
  • the Yangtze River 长江
  • lower reach 下游地段,下流
  • herb n. 【植】草本植物
  • river snail 田螺;螺蛳;河螺
  • snail n. 蜗牛
  • 鲜美 fresh and tasty
  • 山野里,人们寻觅“野草莓”,俯身采摘马兰头;江南(水畔),莼菜、螺蛳正鲜美

Some people also make colored rice with red beans, soybeans, black soya beans, peas and mung beans, among others, or dark rice using the juice of oriental blueberry leaves and glutinous rice.

  • 五色饭 colored rice
  • 红豆 red bean
  • 大豆 soybean
  • soya n. 大豆(作物);大豆食物
  • 黑豆 black soya beans
  • mung n. 绿豆,绿豆植物
  • 绿豆,绿豆植物 mung bean
  • 乌米 dark rice
  • 乌叶 juice of oriental blueberry leave
  • 糯米 glutinous rice
  • 还有些人家用红豆、黄豆、黑豆、青豆和绿豆等煮成“五色饭”,或用乌叶和糯米做乌米饭。

To comply with nature, it is suggested that one takes a nap at noon, consumes less cold food and fewer iced drinks, and eats something bitter, such as gourds or lotus plumule.

  • comply with be faithful to; obey; abide by 遵照;服从
  • 顺应自然 comply with nature
  • take a nap 小睡一下;打盹
  • cold food 凉食
  • 冷饮;冰镇饮料 iced drink
  • n. 苦瓜 gourd
  • lotus plumule 莲子心
  • lotus n. 荷花,荷叶,莲饰
  • plumule n. [植] 胚芽;绒羽
  • 为了顺应自然,初夏不妨晌午打个盹儿,吃喝少油别贪凉,也可以吃点苦瓜、莲子心这样的“苦头”泻泻心火。
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Hello, please take a seat. I have your test results here, and it’s good news. The blood test came back clear. There is no indication of any digestive issues.

  • take a seat To sit down 坐下
  • 你好,请坐。我这有你的检查结果,是个好消息。验血结果没有问题。没有任何消化问题的迹象

What you have just described is a common sentiment. Many people who suffer from stress fail to recognize it.

  • sentiment n. general feeling or opinion 情绪

You told me you often work long into the night, right?

  • work long into the night 工作到深夜 (work 可替换)

Yes, most days in fact. But I’ve been doing that for about 20 years now.

That doesn’t matter. You could have been suffering from stress for 20 years without knowing it. And now it’s catching up to you.

  • 那不重要。你可能已经被压力折磨了20年而不自知。现在它开始体现到你的身体状况上了 。

Those are common consequences of stress. And if you don’t sleep well, then of course you will feel fatigued. I’m going to prescribe some special sleeping pills for you.

  • fatigued adj. [not usually before noun] (formal)very tired, both physically and mentally 身心交瘁;精疲力竭

Take one with your dinner, and come see me after a month. If there is no improvement, I’ll give you something stronger.

  • This speaker pronounce the word “after " like " ˈɑːf.trə”

That’s not all. You should try and work less. Is there any way you can decrease your workload?

  • workload n. the amount of work that has to be done by a particular person or organization (某一人或组织的)工作量,工作负担

Um, I’d have to think about it. I’m a restaurant manager, and this industry is very competitive. There are many things to keep track of and stay on top of

  • on top of in control of a situation 控制着;掌握着

I recommend you think about delegating some responsibilities to someone else. I’m not asking you to retire, just to slow down a bit. It’s for your own health.

  • delegate v. [I, T] to give part of your work, power or authority to sb in a lower position than you 授(权);把(工作、权力等)委托(给下级)


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The May Day holiday has arrived, bringing with it widespread traffic congestion in various regions. To avoid getting stuck in traffic, many people set off early on Tuesday afternoon, one day ahead of the holiday. However, they clearlyunderestimated the extent of traffic congestion on the May Day holiday”.

  • traffic congestion 交通堵塞
  • get stuck in traffic 堵车
  • clearly adv. used to emphasize that what you are saying is obvious and true 明显地;显然地
  • underestimate v. ~ sth | ~ what, how, etc. … to think or guess that the amount, cost or size of sth is smaller than it really is 低估;对 … 估计不足
  • 五一假期已经到来,随之而来的是各地区大范围的交通拥堵。为了避免堵车,许多人在周二下午,也就是假期前一天就提前出发了。然而,他们显然 "低估了五一假期交通拥堵的程度"。

On Tuesday, 204.15 million passenger trips were made, a year-on-year increase of 22.6 percent and up 37.9 percent in 2019 — before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Transport said on Wednesday.

  • passenger trip (全社会)跨区域人员流动量(即客运量,旅游出行量)
  • year-on-year adj. (used especially when talking about figures, prices, etc. 尤用于统计数字、价格等) each year, compared with the last year 与前一年同期比较
  • 据交通运输部消息,4月30日,(全社会)跨区域人员流动量20414.7万人次20414.7万人次,比2019年(COVID-19 大流行之前的)同期(“五一”假期前1日,下同)增长37.9%,比2023年同期增长22.6%。
  • the Ministry of Transpor 交通部

Among them, 16.42 million were by railway, up 24.7 percent from the same period in 2019 and an increase of 6.3 percent from last year. A total of 185 million passenger trips were made by road, up 40.4 percent from 2019 and 24.9 percent from last year.

  • among them 其中
  • by road in or on a road vehicle由公路; 乘车
  • road n. a hard surface built for vehicles to travel on 路;道路;公路
  • 其中,铁路客运量为1642万人,比2019年同期增长24.7%,比去年增长6.3%。全国公路跨区域人员流动量1.85亿人次,比2019年增长40.4%,比去年增长24.9%。

During the May Day holiday, about 270 million passenger trips are expected to be made everyday, according to an earlier statement from the ministry.

  • 交通运输部29日称,五一假期期间,预计每天将有约 2.7 亿人次出行。


On the first day of the May Day holiday, the tourism market is booming across the country, with crowds flocking to many popular scenery spots.

  • boom v. [I] to have a period of rapid growth; to become bigger, more successful, etc. 迅速发展;激增;繁荣昌盛
  • across the country extending throughout an entire nnation全国各地
  • scenery/scenic spot 景点;景区
  • 五一小长假第一天,全国各地旅游市场火爆,许多热门景区人潮涌动

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area announced that the number of visitors to the scenic spot exceeded 1 million on Wednesday.

  • Scenic Area 风景区,景区
  • exceed v. ~ sth to be greater than a particular number or amount 超过(数目或数量)
  • 九寨沟景区称,23日,景区接待游客突破100万人次。

Data released by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism revealed that the overall number of visitors in the entire province of Hunan reached 7.58 million on the first day of the May Day holiday.

  • 某省名字+Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism 某省文旅厅
  • 当日,湖南省文旅厅披露的数据显示,“五一”假期第一天,湖南全省当日全域客流达758万人次。


Data from various online travel platforms indicated that during this year’s May Day holiday, small cities experienced higher popularity, with the increase in tourism bookings in first and second-tier cities not matching the growth seen in cities below the third tier.

  • first and second-tier cities 一二线城市
  • tier n. one of several levels in an organization or a system 阶层;等级
  • match v. [T] ~ sb/sth to be as good, interesting, successful, etc. as sb/sth else 与 … 相匹敌;和 … 不相上下
  • 多家在线旅游平台的数据显示,今年“五一”假期首日,小城市更受欢迎,一二线城市的旅游订单增幅不如三线以下城市。

According to the analysis by the Ctrip Research Institute, the thriving county-level tourism markets signified an expansion in the diversity of travelers and a broader array of tourist destinations.

  • Ctrip n. 携程
  • Research institute 研究院
  • signify v. [T] to be a sign of sth 表示;说明;预示
  • an array of 大量;一批;大量的
  • array n. [usually sing.] a group or collection of things or people, often one that is large or impressive 大堆;大群;大量
  • 携程研究院认为,县域旅游市场繁荣意味着出游人群范围的扩大,以及旅游目的地的更加多元化。