WordReference English-Chinese Dictionary

This is a gift for you the great Chinese people
I made 3 variants of this dictionary:

1- Without audio files

2- With audio files ~ 900MB

3- With US+UK audio files ~250MB

Note: I don’t speak Chinese so sorry for mistakes and I used almost the same CSS used in the English-Arabic one I made before, so feel free to change the CSS file. I used this script to make this dictionary

Download from Mega
Download from freemdict cloud


Very nice gift, thank you! But can not download, can use other net disk, such as Baidu net disk, 123 net disk to share it?

Try from here, Mega has a global limit for downloaded stuff from each account.

I can download it from here. Thank you so much! Great format and color!

Thanks a million. I’m looking forward to Spanish-English, English-Spanish and Spanish- Chinese :yum:

Thanks a million for your nice gift.

Look in the whole our cloud.

I know. But these dictionaries don’t. I meant wordreference

The download link is working. Thank you so much.

Dear Friend,

How many hours of work took you to finish this Chinese-English dictionary?

I am asking because I have a list of German words to query on WordReference with your script. The list contains 250.000 words.

I wonder how many hours would take such a task… :smiley:

By the way, would you also be interested in a German version? :slight_smile:

It took me 2 days, even though I used multiple instances of the script in different terminals (4 instances). Because you get a captcha every few hundred words (maybe 1500 I am not sure).
my word list was about 75k so I think you need a few days to finish yours.
For English dictionary, you can unpack the mdd file in my dictionary and get the audio folder for English sounds because the script doesn’t download audio file if they already exist.


thank you

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Check this please.

It turned out that the German version of WordReference doesn’t have a lot of words