WordReference English Arabic Dictionary

I used a wordlist to make this dictionary. Please report errors or missing words that are available on wordreference and not available in this dictionary here so that I can add them later.

Edit - updated on 20/11/2023 (no audio) : fixed some errors and duplicates and more than 23K words and entries were added. (now it contains 79460 entries)
WR-EnAr.zip (18.1 MB)

Dictionary with audio files:

  • You can download the same dictionary with audio files for different dialects ~ 900MB

  • Or the same dictionary with (US+UK) audio files only ~ 240MB

audio 2

Both of them are available here


Thanks for your great job @Wissam !

Could you please also share the script used to scrape “WordReference” ? :pray:

Other people might use it to make dictionaries in other languages.

@Wankata we have a new jewel for the collection ! :smiley:


Yes, and a big thanks to the author! :slight_smile:

Thanks for making this beautiful dictionary.

You are welcome! and yes I’d be happy to share the script.
I noticed that when you search for a word that is not available on wordreference like “alexander the great” for example, wordreference gives you the meaning of “alexander” so I had to make another script to remove multiple-words entries that don’t exist on WordReference.
I will try to make the script a little more user friendly before sharing it here but I am very busy these days just give me a day or two.
Sorry and thanks for understanding !

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Hi, Sorry for the late reply I was really busy. I updated the dictionary with more words and added two more versions one with all audio files and one with just US+UK files. would you please update the dictionary without audio and upload the other two with audio to MDict cloud.
I will post the script on another post.

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…added to the 350 GiB Collection :smiley: !

@Wankata I did the job this time…! :smiley:


Given that this is an English-Arabic dictionary, why the pronunciation is for many variants of English instead of Arabic? Am I missing something? Thanks.

Sorry I didn’t get your question. It’s an English to Arabic dictionary so it contains the pronunciation of English words not the Arabic ones. It’s not an Arabic to English dictionary