Verben mit Präpositionen

Verben mit Präpositionen(Verbs with Prepositions)
Entries: 359
Format: .dsl / .mdx (thanks to @glacierlee
Author: Hazem (Telegram Channel)

GoldenDict Android:


Verben mit Präpositionen.7z (656,0 KB)

Other German Dictionaries:


This is the mdx version (converted with DictTango).
Verben mit Präpositionen.7z (72.4 KB)


Thank you very much, dear Friend! You are awesome! The idea of converting .dsl into another format with DictTango on Windows is simply fantastic!

Your great Apps have been helping thousands of people!

Please keep up your good work! :heart:

P.S. The collection of dictionaries from Ru-Board can now be used on DictTango Android thanks to your great work! I am very indebted ! :heart:


Thank you for sharing. But I have a question please: How can I convert .dsl format into MDX format?

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The DictTango Windows App can convert .dsl files into “DictTango Format” that works on DictTango Android.

I am not sure about the details because I do not have a Windows machine to test the conversion. :sob:

@glacierlee Can the software also convert from .dsl to .mdx automatically, right ?

Is the DictTango Format equivalent to .mdx format or the specifications of the format are totally different ?

The TangoDict format differs from .mdx, it’s a SQLite database file that stores the dictionary content.
Unfortunately, the DictTango application cannot convert the dsl to mdx directly, but you can still achieve it by following these steps with the DictTango application:

  1. Begin by converting the DSL to the TangoDict format (.dc).
  2. Then, proceed to convert the TangoDict format (.dc) to .mdx.