German Wiktionary (MDX) 2023

German Wiktionary
Format: .mdx (for GoldenDict PC or DictTango in Android)
Date: May, 2023
Author: @Shuibogo :1st_place_medal: :heart:

Description: The German Wiktionary is one of the best German dictionaries for language learners. It includes more than 130.000 headwords with conjugations. It also has many photos and translations into multiple languages.

Tip: If you want to look for a conjugation pattern, simply type in GoldenDict:

Flexion: + word

For example:




Check also the “German Master Collection

Special thanks to my friend @Shuibogo for his great work ! The quality of the .mdx dictionary is awesome ! :heart:


@kamlak10 You could write your feedback/ideas about the Wiktionary in this thread. Thanks in advance !

It seems there is no files…

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You are right. Thanks for your feedback. I will upload right now the files again.

I do not know what happened.

@Wankata I will re-upload the .mdx splitted in files of 700 Mib. Total> 1.7 Gib approx.

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I wonder if there is a such a similar version English Wiktionary.

Look again:

I will delete the other folder, my mistake…

It’s not necessary, nothing is deleted - when I reuploaded the files, i mistakenly created two folders; now it’s only one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Yes, there is an English Wiktionary from May 2023.

Same version, same author. Download:

Please look for it by yourself. There is an index.

I will upload it in MDX format, database from June 2023, a little bit later, but on another fast host - PCloud, and edit this post. 7 GB…

You can look at this site too - in ZIM format, readable by GoldenDict Desktop only:

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That would be great!!!


and here:

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Light speed :v:

I’m sorry for being greedy, but do you have a version for French Wiktionary?

No… That is too greedy! hahaha

Our friend @Shuibogo has the technical skills to make those wiktionaries in .mdx format, but that job requires payment!

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thanks for freely distributing such useful material. It is indeed a gold mine of knowledge. Kindly allow me to make suggestion. While I know nothing about coding or the amount of time you spent to make this dictionary, I am aware that this is hard work. But as a lang learner and end consumer of your product, I think it might help you…

If you use this version of wikitionary 2021, you will see it spucks the most common information first
like if i search for aus it will show the information for preposition and then the less common meanings. Same is the search results for the word essen

search results for word aus using 2021 wikitionary

search results using the newer 2023 version for word aus

The only drawback is the old version lacks pictures

I think I downloaded this 2021 Wiktionary from GitHub.You might want to see this for reference.

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The Wiktionary from 2021 is in .slob format. That is totally different from .mdx format.

That is comparing apples with oranges. Yes, the Wiktionary in .mdx could be improved but it would take a huge amount of work. The author simply took the original file provided by the Wikimedia Foundation and converted it into .mdx.

The other option is to spend many weeks customizing the original file. That is time-consuming…

oh ok. Like i said I am sorry if i said something unwarranted. Just shared my experience here. His actions and work is ofcourse great and not be undermined in any way.

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You can read all the files on (offline Wikipeadias and Wiktionaries or Kiwix free Library), or in SLOB format here or here.


Actually, GD can read zim files…

Actually yes, but only desktop version, mobile not.