Dictionaries from Ru-Board (>50 Languages)

It is a good idea to keep the current method. I think that adding “authorship” to the name of dictionaries would make it harder to find the information. :hot_face:

I added the “author” name only few times with German dictionaries from “Hazem” because he added color to the .dsl files. I could not find a better way to make a difference between the original and the modded .dsl files. That was an exception…

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You are right.
My only goal was to find these new dictionaries easily to try them.


From where I can download dolan’s dictionaries?

Currently, most of them (outside of those previously uploaded to the cloud) are in a temporary folder and waiting to be processed. I will gradually add them to the cloud when I have time - I also have a big order right now. I added or replaced about 90 yesterday, maybe today I will be able to add that much. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is no other way - everything has to be distributed, packaged, renamed and only then uploaded to the cloud, and this takes time. I ask for your patience and understanding, all dictionaries will be uploaded.


Dear @Wankata, please keep on your own work first. To me, the list you provided is clear enough for me to find them later. I should thank you for all the devotion you had made for the community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your quick response and appreciate your work.

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If the job of sorting has been done, where are the new dicts?

It’s done. On the server. Sort the files by date.


any must-have or real rarity, according to your opinion?

I collect almost all of them.

I cannot know what languages you use, nor what you need, what you like and what you consider as rare…


GoldenDict Dictionaries are really addictive! Affected people have no limits for that drug! They will always ask about “what is the best dictionary” because they are simply addicted… Even I check the Forum daily to see if there are new German Dictionaries… :joy: Thanks for your great work, dear @Wankata :star_struck:


Kindly create Oxford Companion to Classical Literature for GoldenDict


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IndoneDicti.pdf (11,0 MB)
anyone is able to turn this into a goldendict/dsl/mdict/stardict file?

Indonesian/english dict


Any idea where to find Tagalog? Seems not to be included.

Yes. Look here, and for additional sources here and here. Unfortunately we not support any language on the world…

what is the first link, I cannot open it somehow, it just gives me a blank page?

You wouldnt have an idea where exactly I could find a tagalog dictionary list that is lemmatized. Or maybe do you know somebody? I cant go through all these urls manually.

I suggest you start a new topic.


@ivo545 If there are no dictionaries in your target language, you need to make them! That is the only solution. I learned how to make .dsl dictionaries because many things were missing in German. Nobody will do the work for you…!

Dear @Wankata

Our friend @dolanskurd just published a new Bilingual Arab><English dictionary with more than 100.000 entries in .mdx format:

Could you please kindly upload the dictionary to the collection? @Wankata

I am too disorganized, and I am afraid of messing up the order… :joy:

Thanks for your great work…! :smiley:

IMPORTANT> The name of the .css file cannot be modified.

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