Oxford Collocations Dictionary online

Can anybody make Oxford Collocations Dictionary online for mdict?

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for quick replay, it would be nice if the title and request is expressed in Hanyu Pinyin

My friend, if you need the newest and complete data, always use the official website or app.

If you can do with older and incomplete data, you may use a mdict version.

There are a few mdict versions of this dictionary here. Use the magnifying glass on the top to search user posts, and try the search engine of this site:

Website capturing is a hard job. In my opinion, it is not polite for a newcomer to request it, especially when the target is a common dictionary.

For a common dictionary, you should get familiar with the site and find a usable version
– only usable, cannot be choosy. Don;t expect to get a free lunch here, maybe a free breakfast.

If you need a rare dictionary and need help to pull data from a website, besides a website URL, you also need to prepare a word list of the dictionary. Website capturing is not magic.


I’m not a newcomer.I have been a member for more than five years.If it it not polite to ask for dictionaries,then it’s better to stop making posts and comments and membership in the website.Most online dictionaries have been made for mdict and only a few of them including this dictionary have not been made.And I just asked dictionary creaters to make it if they are willing to do so.I didn’t force anybody to make this dictionary,I just requested them.I know that the mdict version of this dictionary can be found in this website,but it’s very old and it has not been updated and that’s why I asked for making this dictionary.

一个人可以贪婪(greedy),也可以无能(incapable),但最好不要既贪婪又无能,它会令你进一步变得可怜(pathetic)与谄媚(oily, greasy, fawning, flattering, sycophantic…)。



Why should I delete the post.You insulted me,so I answered you.



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I thought there is some kind person in this website to make a dictionary for me.And now I’m very sorry for making such a request.

If I knew how to make dictionaries,I wouldn’t make a request and I would do it myself.You made me feel sorry for making a request and I will never request in this website any more.


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This is the first and the last request I make in the forum.I just asked if any kind person could help make this updated dictionary.Ordinary dictionaries are available in the forum,so there is no need to request them.I know that it’s difficult to obtain and I don’t insist on making this dictionary.

so i am not a kind person? but if you made a reasonable request,perhaps i and everyone could be kind.

Oxford Collocations Dictionary本网站早就有了,见 Index of /尚未整理/共享2020.5.11/content/1_english/3_Oxford series/牛津搭配/ 等,它是第二版,而官方的最新版也是第2版( Oxford Collocations Dictionary | Dictionaries | Oxford University Press ),在online 页,给的购买链接同样是第2版( Oxford Collocations Dictionary at Oxford Learner's Dictionaries )。因为需要账号登录,看不出 Oxford Collocations Dictionary online 和第2版的mdx有什么不同,就因为猜测online版是updated的(楼主本人并没有给出updated的证据),就让别人重新抓取制作在线版Oxford Collocations Dictionary的mdx,而且它还有付费墙?

第二,我看不出用旧版(May 5, 2009)的Oxford Collocations Dictionary会怎么影响一个人的英语学习了。

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This dictionary has not been updated since 2009 and may not be available in pdf or kindle or other formats any more.So my request for making the updated version is reasonable.I hope that someone can make this dictionary in the future.

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I’m not sure if this dictionary is updated.Only two sample pages are available.After comparing these two sample pages I realized that the dictionary may have not been updated.And I wonder why it is not free if it has not been updated.Here are two sample pages:

there are several websites provide collocations that might be based on oxford’s, but as far as I know, it is not as comprehend as exe version of Oxford Collocation Dictionary (I forgot another one), but the entries are practically the same.

For printed edition, new version has been published. looking up some entries, besides new one look thicker (the version is about 500-pages thicker), the entries look same.

If I couldn’t find collocation I look for, I usually look up lexico.

capture hapus


Lexico has no collocations,maybe you mean “example sentences”.

The kindle edition has not been updated.Only the website is regularly updated and I’m not sure that the online oxford collocations dictionary has been updated or not.Only its members know that.

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You said that my request for Oxford Collocations Dictionary Online was unreasonable and now I accept that my request is unreasonable because I’m not sure whether the online dictionary is updated or not.But you’d better change your attitude towards our requests even if we make unreasonable requests.