German DWDS Collocations ( .mdx )

Collocations from German DWDS
Author: Xu Yinuo & @Existentialismus (style improvement)
Number of Entries: 111.891
Format: .mdx


Thanks to @Existentialismus for kindly sharing his improved version :slight_smile:

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I added a navigation on the top and above each table, so it would be easier to find a particular type of collocation

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Dear Friend, I could not download from Google Drive because the file requires “access permission”.

Could you please re-post on FreeMDict Cloud ? ( )

Thank you so much !

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Dear friend, I just updated the link, please try again

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@kamlak10 Thanks for your private message. The link was updated. Please try again.

If you have feedback about the Wiktionary, you are very welcome. Please write all your ideas, suggestions or bug reports on the Thread about the German Wiktionary. Criticism is also welcome. That is very helpful to improve in the future.

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@tovaremeterio I have this version already actually. In the above conversation the user @Existentialismus say he/she has made some updates so that you could click the links within.

Do you have that version by chance ?
thanks again for replying to my query

You are right ! I updated the link with the version from 2022. Please download the new file.

@Wankata I deleted the old version of this dictionary in the cloud and replaced it with the latest version. It was on my laptop but not on the cloud. The new version is better… Please also replace your version with the newest one. :smiley:

Occasionally, this dictionary is useful for writing. Some collocations are easier to find here.

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Thank you / Danke! :slight_smile: