German Pronunciations from Wiktionary (759.000 audios)

Format: .mdx
Number of entries: 738.000
Author: “Jeuwre” User:Jeuwre - Wikimedia Commons
.mdx compilation: Xu Yinuo & @tovaremeterio

Please say thanks to “Jeuwre” who has recorded >700.000 German pronunciations with Professional equipment and has uploaded them to Wikimedia Commons.

Download: FreeMdict Cloud

Full version (738.000 audios):
Short version (~180.000 audios):

Raw data in .ogg format also available. It can be used on GoldenDict PC. Simply decompress the .7zip file and use the pronunciations as “Sound Directory”:

Also check the “German Master Collection”:

Please join the QQ group of Xu Yinuo for a Complete collection of German Dictionaries:
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連續試了兩天下載 Short version,用了各種工具,都斷在了1G不到一點的地方,似乎盤上的文件有問題,哪位可以再傳一下嘛?

I just added a Mega Link. It should work now.

Did you try to download the Complete version ? Does it also fails ?

Please try using a Download Manager as:

  • Persepolis Download Manager (FOSS)
  • XDM Download Manager (FOSS)
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Thanks a lot, dear! I’ve got the short one with a Download Manager. I tried the complete one upon your call, and it broke at around 1 GB as well (with Download Manager), FYI.

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I cannot reproduce the issue. I just downloaded the “Short Version” with “Persepolis Download Manager” and works fine.

If someone else cannot download, please let me know to re-upload the files.

Hello tovaremeterio, could you please upload German Goldendict sound files? Thank you very much in advance!

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Thanks for writing. The links were updated ! Enjoy !