DWDS German Dictionary (.mdx format)

New German Dictionary : Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (dwds.de)
Entries: 229.363
Format: .mdx (for GoldenDict PC / DictTango on Android)
Author: Xu Yinuo and @Existentialismus (style improvement)

Android “MDict” :



Thanks to @Existentialismus for his style improvement.

Also check the German MASTER Collection

Only GoldenDict PC version (NOT android) supports .mdx format since 2013. You have to use the “Early Release” versions of GoldenDict:

If you want to use .mdx dictionaries on Android/iOS you have to install “Dict Tango" or "MDict”.

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I’ve just edited the .mdx file so that it works well on GoldenDict, and all the links in it can work perfectly.

Download Link:
DWDS - Artikel.png - Google Drive, DWDS - Artikel.mdx - Google Drive


Thank you very much ! Works perfectly !

I edited the post and now only your improved version is available !

Would you please briefly describe the method to improve the DWDS ? What was the problem ?

the .mdx file didn’t include the .css file so the format information wasn’t applied to the .mdx. I added a line for each entry:

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“DWDS - artikel.css”>

so that the .css file can be applied.

As for the links, they were originally redirected to the DWDS website, so I changed it to make it connected the entries in this .mdx file.

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Dear Friend, could you upload the download link again?
Thank you very much!

You can found it here, in the folder DWDS Artikel:


I have updated the download link.

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Updated by us too, thank you for your effort! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Existentialismus did you edit the .mdx file ?

I cross-checked the SHA1 and MD5 Hash from the old and “new” .mdx files. They are different.

new version MD5 Hash: aebf2dd90bb17eccb121ae5ccbfe0334
old version MD5 Hash: d022a97ee0f1a4a48578681e15155cbb

Did you improve the DWDS again ? :slight_smile:

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Yes, I did some minor fixes

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@Existentialismus the latest version of DWDS does not work correctly on GoldenDict by Xiaoyifang.

@Wankata I renamed the old version to 1.0 and the new version 1.1.

I guess that the version 1.1 works fine on the Official GoldenDict or the illegal fork GD++. Do not worry. Thanks for your great work ! :smiley:

P.S. TO ALL USERS: Try both versions to see which one works better for you !


I haven’t found the .css file in the download link, is there anyone who can kindly provide one?

The .css of the original DWDS version is available within the .zip/7zip file> FreeMdict Cloud

The other version does not have a .css file. Does such .css file exists @Existentialismus?