A Frequency Dictionary of German ( .dsl )

New .dsl Dictionary for GoldenDict A Frequency Dictionary of German: Core Vocabulary for Learners

Original Download Link: Все словари для ABBYY Lingvo® - 5009 most frequent German Vocabulary (Deu-Eng)

Another option: deu-eng_Frequency5009_1_0-GD.zip (349.3 KB)

Special thanks to dadasof (aka EdwART) for converting the raw data into .dsl format for GoldenDict.

It was obtained from: 5009 most frequent German Vocabulary - AnkiWeb

PDF available on Library Genesis > Library Genesis: Jupp Möhring; Erwin P. Tschirner; Elisabeth Muntschick; Randall L. Jones - A frequency dictionary of German : core vocabulary for learners!

.txt format (raw data) : 5009 most frequent German Vocabulary.txt (853.1 KB)

Any conversion into .mdx would be welcome :smiley:

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Ich bedanke mich für dein Teilen. Aber ich kann in China nicht downloaden. Kannst du uploaden hier?

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Updated ! The post now contains a direct link to download.

Special thanks to dadasof . If possible, visit his website for more German dictionaries :

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