I downloaded OED ver3 from
Both the sound icons and the sound itself don’t work in Mdict nor Goldendic. Does any one here know of a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Could you try this?
then, check “Playback” , select “Use internal player:” → “FFmpeg+libao”

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I did as you said but in vain.

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Have you downloaded all mdd files? Did other dictionaries work?

Change the filename of .mdd, from 0ED(20200828) to OED(20200828). Enjoy yourself!


Yes, I have downloaded all these files.
Yes the sound of other dictionaries works well.
Still the sound icons are missing and the pronunciation itself is not working.
There is a another bug on top of the third picture.
I think a slight fix from one of the professionals here can solve the whole matter.

Thanks, It worked.
You are indeed genius.
Million thanks my brother for your sound advice.

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