Il Ragazzini 意大利语/英语词典

这是意大利英语词典,出版社是Zanichelli, 格式是MOBI, 网上没有这个版本的MDICT 版,可以的话,请帮忙制作一下。

Ragazzini Biagi concise dizionario Italiano Inglese.part4.rar (617.5 KB) Ragazzini Biagi concise dizionario Italiano Inglese.part1.rar (976.6 KB) Ragazzini Biagi concise dizionario Italiano Inglese.part2.rar (976.6 KB) Ragazzini Biagi concise dizionario Italiano Inglese.part3.rar (976.6 KB)

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If anyone is interested, I made the complete version of Il Ragazzini in MOBI (Ita-Eng and Eng-Ita), by converting these dictionaries from LSD to DSL, from DSL to HTML and from HTML to the final format, MOBI.
This is different than what kwomnk uploaded, due to more words and due to more phrases. Enjoy.
MOBI (22/2/2020): IlRag(ENIT-ITEN)-V2.7z (26,0 MB)
MDX (27/2/2020): eng-ita-eng_ilRagazzini.7z (15,7 MB)
(23/2/2020): (15,5 MB)

version 27.2.2020:
-combined ITEN and ENIT into one MDX (by @hua), so to make your life easier;
-fixed eventual broken links (by @kwomnk), that I didn’t have a idea how to fix them, but thanks to hua’s advice, I learned how to do that.

version 23.2.2020:
-first release;


oops, thanks for your work!

My pleasure. I wanted also to convert them to Mdict, but I got some errors, that I didn’t understand

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hua 大,我提供的英意词库是简约版的,如果可以制作出saas123提供的完整版的mdx,那真的是非常理想!

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我以为他转的就是mdx ==

No, I didn’t
Please, download the new version, I’ve fixed the ENIT part that was corrupted. Enjoy!

Thanks for your sharing.

A nice format conversion gadget

Here’s the MDXs of Il Ragazzini 2012, that you’ve been waiting for.
I took them from DSL, found on Lingvodics, since there’s no MDX of this dictionary.

Hi, thank you so much for your effort!
This guy @kwomnk found some issues in your version, and I have fixed them. Moreover, I have combine en-ita and ita-en dictionaries into one file which is easier to manage.
So the issue with your version is that if I want to jump to another entry from one entry in mdx, I use a tag and href attribute, but href attribute should start with entry://, that is to say, in your version, a tag is:
<a href="refute">refute</a>
but if you want jump link to function in mdx, you should use:
<a href="entry://refute">refute</a>
Thanks for your work again.
Download link is below.
eng-ita-eng_ilRagazzini.7z (15.7 MB)

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Wow! Thank you @kwomnk for the fixing. I hadn’t a clue how I could fix that issue, I’m new to creating Mdict dictionaries. Thank you @hua for combining them. Now it’s much easier. Thank you so much guys

@hua Thanks for the Italian Dictionaries ! More dictionaries in different languages are needed on FreeMDict !

in particular, greek and latin ones

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