kenkyusha dictionary of english collocations.mdx

Can any one here help upload the coloured version of this
dictionary here?
I have no idea how to deal with Baidu or pdawiki.
Thanks in advance.

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研究社新編英和活用大辞典.mdd (1.2 KB)
研究社新編英和活用大辞典.mdx (14.2 MB)
there are several versions of his dictionary

Million thanks my dear.
But It is not the coloured version.
Here is a photo of the version I need if you could help.

I am much indebted and grateful.
Waiting your reply.
Thanks for your priceless effort.

研究社新編英和活用大辞典.mdx (12.6 MB)

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Million thanks .You have showered me with your kindness.
Million thanks.

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