English/French Wiktionary 05/2021

Inspired by the generosity of users on our forum (and 阿弥陀佛 in particular), I’m pleased to share with you these dictionaries :slight_smile:


Notice that there is no sound and no image.


Thank you very much for the sharing. Although not sure if [quote=“Akira, post:1, topic:6787”]
@ 王寒北 in particular)
[/quote] is ironic. :sweat_smile:

He has shared 【转帖】TFD-Dictionary2021//TFD-Thesaurus2021 - 英英 - FreeMdict Forum and 【转帖】ODE2021 - 英英 - FreeMdict Forum :innocent:


But 阿弥陀佛 is the poster(?)


My bad :sweat_smile: Corrected

It’s 阿弥陀佛 who has great generosity. I’ve corrected my thread :slight_smile:

could you update or re-upload the OED2021 on Mediafire.com cause I can not tolerate any host from baidu.

I have not been able to download them from baidu too :((

Ok, I have managed to indirectly download those files from baidu. It really took me quit a bit frustration but then I know for sure when something takes our attention, like a lot, you’ll be given a tremendous stress and focus to tunnel your problems. That’s universally how you deal with urgency by failures

I don’t really know how long those file last. So donwload as soon as possile


Can you elaborate on how to indirectly download from baidu? I also want to download the TFD 2021.

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I actually pay a small amount of money in order to take the link, but here’s a better solution for you with a zero cost. The downsize is that you only have 6GB of free download.
download any of these files 流量盘v199.rar, then extract , run the main.exe. Just copy the link you want to download and boom voala

It would be nice to have sound and images.

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couldn’t find " feat."

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This is beyond my time budget :sweat_smile:

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Couldn’t find the word “feat.”

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How many entries in this dictionary?

Can expert update, improve, make the image available and crawl Wiktionary Thesaurus: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/Thesaurus:affectionate to make the dictionary to be full data?