Who can help me?

I am a language learner and I’ve come across a video player called “Lingo Player” which is supposed to help language learners learn while watching movies, series, etc, with subtitles. The software has been out for a while and still available for download (you can download it here: Lingo Player), but it is not working as it was supposed to, probably due to the lack of updates in years. It is a VLC-based player and as a video player, it works just fine, it plays the videos as it should.
But its tools meant for language learners are not working as it should: It should show dictionary definitions above the words when you hover the mouse on them.
All I want here is someone that could help me find out WHAT I need to know in order to fix this software.
I see I probably need to now JavaScript as it has a low programmed in Java, but how do I crack it open? How do I change its codes? What softwares do I need to have in order to open Lingo Player and try to fix its codes?
Or If possible, is there anyone who is expert at Java programming and gives me a hand.
Thank you!

1 重装软件
2 重装电脑
3 重买电脑

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原来也是国人… 这论坛目前大都是同胞,不一定要用英文,比如你那句“ I see I probably need to now JavaScript as it has a low programmed in Java, ” 我就看了好一会都不太明白。

地址 GitHub - oaprograms/lingo-player: Open source video player with language learning features
不过它用的并不是 Java 语言

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这个软件(代码开源)的播放器利用的是VLC player,字幕学习功能的是JAVA 脚本。目前,该软件调用Google翻译功能失效。