UPDATE: Dictionary.com 2021 Informal Definitions

Dictionary.com-2021-ID.mdx (4.4 MB)

Dictionary.com-2021-ID.part1.rar (39 MB)
Dictionary.com-2021-ID.part2.rar (39 MB)
Dictionary.com-2021-ID.part3.rar (39 MB)
Dictionary.com-2021-ID.part4.rar (39 MB)
Dictionary.com-2021-ID.part5.rar (39 MB)
Dictionary.com-2021-ID.part6.rar (13.0 MB)

dictionary.com.css (10.3 KB)
about.css (1.7 KB)

You can also download MDD file here, which is the same as above.
[奶牛快传 | 免费大文件传输工具,上传下载不限速] (MDD)



  • All Images are offline (If an image is missing it’s most likely gone from the original site, too). I’ve tried to recover some images (tagged with [used archive.org to recover the image])
  • Removed all tracking parameters from urls (e.g. ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw, utm tracking, amazon tracking, google redirections, etc.)
  • Links for all emojis (e.g. :spider: links to ‘spider emoji’)
  • In about dictionary setion I’ve added Key to IPA/Phonetic Pronunciation pages.

Don’t know where to upload MDD file. It’s over 200 MB.

You can upload it in cowtransfer or gdrive or Baidu Cloud.

Reupload MDD to this forum or some permanent filehoster.

iphone12pro plus 欧路词典

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You can compress the file to multiple volumes. Remember to use winrar as the forum only accepts .rar and .7z and .zip files. 7z can do volume compression for sure, but the filenames it generated will be ended with 001 002 and so on.

I will upload for you.

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Works fine on GoldenDict (PC) and Mdict on Android.

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I’m using the nonwill version. Releases · nonwill/nwDeployed · GitHub

一是图片遮挡文字,二是部分内容不显示,如EXAMPLES OF POGCHAMP的内容,其他问题待反馈。


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Definitely a software issue. Please upgrade to latest nonwill release.

I’ve noticed that mdict(Android) obscures a bit of text, too. That too is a software issue. It works perfectly fine in PlainDict.

Thank you. let me have a try.

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Has .bz2 extension (archive).

Oh, there’s a file inside the bz2 which has no extension!
Just open it with 7z or Winrar.

失败是什么意思? 历史记录面板对我有用。

也许是由于GoldenDict的使用。我的在 “C:\GoldenDict”