WordReference French - English Dictionary

A great dictionary with around 323k entries

I used this script to make this dictionary

I made 2 versions, one with audio (~155 MB) and one without audio (~44 MB)

Download from Freemdict cloud
Download from mega - with audio version
Download from Mega - no audio version


@Wankata There is a new masterpiece from our friend @Wissam ! :smiley:

Could you please upload to the 400 GiB collection? :smiley:

Thanks for the great job…!


Of course I will. Done. :wink:

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You are welcome!
Could you please share the links so that I can add them to the post?

Here the requested link: https://cloud.freemdict.com/index.php/s/ANWFfZjXntLZmoX

Thanks again for your wonderful work!


Bravo! :blush: By the way, would you be interested in turning another website, https://fr.thefreedictionary.com/, into a dictionary?

Thanks! I am sorry I don’t have enough time these days

merci beaucoup!

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