WordReference Spanish-English

To make it easier for you I scraped words with and without Spanish letters with accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ). for example for the word “niño” I scraped both “niño” and “nino”.

But please note that if you search for “nino” instead of “niño” you will get the translation without audio (WordReference website has that behavior i’s not my fault)

I made 2 versions of this dictionary, one with audio (325 MB) and one without (12 MB)

Download from Mdict cloud
Download from Mega


Gracias and thanks
Looking forward to English-Spanish :crazy_face:


@Wankata Would you please upload this dictionary to Freemdict cloud so that future users can get it in case something happens to the Mega account I am sharing from?

It’s already been there for ten days :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I used to to go there and copy the link but it asks for a username and password now.

I don’t know why - there is no password… I tried three different browsers and the site didn’t ask me for a password (without login).

Try to download from our mirror: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/jSXR/WPEdu5hWk

No no the dictionary link is working fine. What I meant is that navigating the folder structure (to see all available dictionaries) used to work but now it’s not. And when I go to the homepage of the cloud website it asks for a password.
I am saying that because you said the dictionary was uploaded 10 days ago.
I will check another browser when I get home.

I didn’t get it right, but it shouldn’t ask you for a password. I’ve just linked to that folder only for convenience. If you want to check out the entire directory, here are the links (and again, no passwords are set anywhere):

In each root folder there is a searchable HTML file with the full folders structure and their contents.

They are working just fine on my phone maybe I changed the url in the bookmark on my laptop by mistake I will check when I go home sorry

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