The New KF American English - Polish Dictionary


Sorry, I don’t know Chinese so I might be posting in the wrong forum category.

Anyway, can anybody convert koscuspl.dct and koscplus.dct to a GoldenDict format with some nice formatting like here.


Already converted, I think:

Słownik Kościuszkowski

Look also here:


Thank you for the links. However, the link that I posted has some nice formatting that the file lacks.

EDIT: I also own the 2009 DVD version of this dictionary. Perhaps someone could take a look at its files and convert it, too. - the whole DVD compressed. - only the database after installation

I don’t know if it’s useful information but the 2009 database is supposed to be in the Firebird 2.1 format. (user: SYSDBA; password: masterkey).

Here are the CSV files but I couldn’t make anything useful out of it (DCDICTIONARY_202312171851.csv) with pyglossary. Maybe someone else could help.