The Oxford English Dictionary 1933 牛津英语大词典 第一版全套PDF

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名称:The Oxford English Dictionary
出版社:Oxford University Press



牛津英语大词典 第一版自1888年开始至1928年出齐,初名为A New English Dictionary
on Historical Principles formed mainly on the Materials collected by the Philological Society and
with the Assistance of many Scholars and Men of Science, 简称为 NED。

牛津英语大词典于1933年改版重印,为13卷,书名页:The Oxford English dictionary; being a corrected re-issue with an introduction, supplement, and bibliography of A new English dictionary on historical principles,分为1-12卷,另一卷没有卷号为supplement and bibliography。

此处提供的是第一版1933年重印的13卷+4卷增补本,共17卷的PDF。 供需要的坛友们食用。

The Timeline of OED:
1857 Richard Trench lecture to Philological Society
1859 Herbert Coleridge became editor of the NED
1861 Coleridge died. Frederick Furnivall took over.
1872 Furnivall reported no progress
1878 James Murray interviewed at Oxford
1879 Contracts exchanged. Murray editor
1884 A-Ant published. Jowett intervention
1885 James Murray moved to Oxford
1885 Gell appointed Secretary to the Delegates
1887 Henry Bradley made joint editor
1888 Vol 1 published A-Byzen
1896 Press rose in support of Murray. Gell dismissed
1897 Vol 3 dedicated to Victoria. Dinner at Queen’s
1901 William Craigie joined as third editor.
1914 Charles Onions joined as fourth editor.
1915 James Murray died. Henry Bradley senior editor
1919 Tolkien joined the Dictionary team
1928 First edition of NED published
1933 Reprint with supplement published as the OED
1957 Burchfield appointed editor of a new supplement
1972 Vol 1 of the new supplement published
1984 Work began on new OED
1986 Vol 4 of the new supplement published
1987 CD ROM version of Dictionary released
1989 The second edition of OED published
1992 OED2 available on CD-ROM
1993 John Simpson editor of the third edition
2000 OED Online launched.
2010 OED3 became the only online version
2013 Simpson retired, Michael Proffitt appointed
2015 Centenary of James Murray’s death

引自 Rob Walters,A Concise History of the Oxford English Dictionary