Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary

This book was converted from epub format. The epub book format was inconsistent and hard to convert easily. a lot of words refer to other words. I tried my best to make sure every thing was right but I am not 100% sure because I had to change a lot of small details to be able to add CSS

ISBN 978-1-68150-001-0

EDIT: I made a mistake and uploaded the dict before modifying the css file so if you downloaded the dictionary before this edit please download it again sorry

Merriam Webster’s Intermediate (3.7 MB)


Thank you very much. Really appreciated work.

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@tovaremeterio would you please update the dictionary on I am sorry for the mistake

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Done, thank yo very much!


Nice job. :+1:

Hi OP, do you have Merriam-Webster’s School Dictionary, 2020 Edition (Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary – Merriam-Webster Shop) ? This Dictionary has more entries than Intermediate Dictionary and is suitable for high schoolers in English countries.

Unfortunately I don’t have it. I found the dictionary online in pdf format and it’s not practical to convert it from pdf. Do you have the dictionary in epub format?

Here you go. Merriam Webster’s School dictionary in mdx format.

Merriam Webster’s School Dictionary (Epub).zip (5.8 MB)

Can you please share the epub or mobi format of Merriam Webster’s School dictionary?

I don’t have it.

Thank you for sharing, but I found this one is 2010 edition, not 2020 edition (couldn’t find the new words like haptics, farro, cybercrime, off-grid, and paywall). I have a mdx version made by yaknow. These two have the same entry number.

unfortunenately, I don’t have it. Could you pls share the 2020 edition of pdf file? Thanks!

Maybe it is an old version, I don’t remember where I downloaded it.

ok thank you!!