Dictionary of Science Terminology

converted from epub:
the dictionry in epub format:
Dictionary of Science Terms – Engineering Dictionaries – Kindle Edition, 2018.epub (2.2 MB)

the dictionry in mdx format:

Dictionary of Science Terminology.zip (2.5 MB)


Your category is wrong. It should be
, which means English-English dictionaries.

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Thanks for your great work.

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Thanks! I should learn chinese
I asked my great chinese friends in the telegram group but they were asleep

China is mainly in UTC + 8 Zone, and you’re posting at 2 a.m for us. I think it’s hard for the Chinese to reply to you timely. If you want to learn chinese, try some apps (Pleco, Wenlin, Hanping Chinese, etc.) .

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I know, I wasn’t implying a blame or something. I was just kidding. Thank you again

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Category names are not easy to be localized with Discourse which is used by this forum, sadly.

Here is a suggestion. since copying the category text to translate is a little annoying and hard especially on phone (because when clicking on the category it will be selected not like a normal text) I suggest posting a topic with all category in Chinese and their translation in English (or maybe other languages from contributers)