Almaany English ↔ Arabic

This dictionary was compiled from the android app, the website content is more rich
This is an English-Arabic and Arabic-English dictionary combined in one dictionary.
I wouldn’t recommend the English-Arabic dictionary for Arabic learners because sometimes it contains lots of less common Arabic words.
The Arabic-English dictionary database contains Arabic entries with Arabic diacritics ( known as tashkīl (تَشْكِيل) in Arabic) and it’s not practical to type the exact diacritics for every word you want to look up so I removed them in entries (not in definitions). Just look up the word without diacritics and you will get different words with different diacritics and the meaning of every one of them. unfortunately looking up words with diacritics won’t work because keeping the entries with diacritics is not practical and trying to link words with them to words without them is too much work for me. (4.0 MB)


Thank you very much.

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