Longman Dictionary of American English + Thesaurus

Compiled from this app but with no images or sounds.
Longman Study Dictionary of American English is an invaluable resource for low-intermediate learners. The dictionary accelerates vocabulary development by explaining academic and content-area vocabulary with clear and accessible definitions and example sentences.
Not as complete as Longman DOCE but it’s easier for intermediate English learners.

Longman Study Dictionary of American English.zip (1.7 MB)

Edit: the dictionary app contains a small thesaurus dictionary too. although the main dictionary gives thesaurus for some words but a @Sirabbas asked me to make the thesaurus dictionary too so here it is:
lsaed_thesaurus.zip (311.9 KB)



Thank you very much

Since no image extraction from the application, there are some issues with the headwords with images.

The original:

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正如词典介绍,这本并不是Longman Dictionary of American English,而是Longman Study Dictionary of American English

studyafc.american.dictionary.rar (16.7 MB)

edit “study_american.sqlite”

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If you mean the sentences are links to nowhere that’s because in the app the sentences are links to their pronunciation on the cloud (not implemented in the app).
The images in the app are low resolution. some images are the same as Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th ed. but not all of them.

I think images are necessary if these are in low resolution.

What I meant was that I suspected that sentences like that were messed up because the images were missing.

I assume that where the sentences are messed up in the mdx version, you can find there are pictures in those headwords in the original app.

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You are right I see what you meant.
i fixed the issue and uploaded the file again.
The images are low resolution and the image names are hashed so it’s not easy to implement the images sorry. I will try to figure out how they are hashing image names when I have free time.

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Thank you for the improved mdx file. Now, please try my css file to see if it suits you. :slightly_smiling_face:
lsdae.css (6.0 KB) [v1.0a]


嗯,看到了 名称只是 Dictionary of American English,没敢把Longman加上,图标显示的名字倒是正确的

Sorry I don’t understand chinese. I used google translate to translate what you said.
If you mean that I chose the wrong category please suggest another category name in chinese so that I can change it.