Ji Wîkîferheng (Kurdish Wiktionary)

Ji Wîkîferheng (Kurdish Wiktionary)

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Welcome to Wîkîferheng, the Kurdish Wiktionary project. This repository houses the wordlist extracted from the Wîkîferheng ZIM file. You can utilize this wordlist for a wide range of purposes, including language analysis, dictionary creation, or language-related research.

  • Total Entries in Wîkîferheng: 813,462
  • Total Words in Wîkîferheng’s Wordlist: 814,744 Download Wordlist

Please Note: This wordlist remains untouched and is presented exactly as it exists in the original Wîkîferheng database.

Download (For Offline Use)

You can download the complete Wîkîferheng ZIM file directly from the following link:

Additionally, you can also access the entire Wîkîferheng MDX / MDD files here:


This project is governed by the GPL-3.0.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions, feedback, or require assistance, please feel free to contact me: