Chinese Top Words & Etymology

Chinese Top Words & Etymology

  • Format: MDX
  • Headwords: 12665

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This dictionary provides a list of the most common words (in Traditional Hanzi) that contain a certain character, ordered by frequency, followed by a brief definition of the word in English. The bar at the left shows the relative frequency of the word. It also provides etymological information about the characters.

The dataset used to manufacture this dictionary was taken from Dong Chinese (Thanks to Peter Olson for providing his website’s data for free) in JSONL format, converted to JSON with jq and the necessary fields were extracted with a Python script using the built-in package “json”.

WARNING: Don’t rename the .css file or the font file. If you change anything, they won’t work properly, unless you unpack the .mdx file, change the link to the .css and compile it again.

By: 「水」a.k.a. Bogozarnyj a.k.a. Scho