Ichacha Sentence Bank (繁體字版)

Ichacha Sentence Bank (繁體字版)

  • Scraping date: 08.2023
  • Headwords: 103168
  • Example Sentences: 3243681
  • Format: MDX

Download link: FreeMdict Cloud

This is a dump of the Ichacha Sentence Bank, a big sentence bank with real Chinese sentences. A great amount of sentences is taken from Zhidao Baidu, a website with questions from users.

The list of words used for the scraping consists of all the 163087 headwords from the Taiwan MOE Dict. Since the sentence bank is in Simplified Chinese, I converted the sentences to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan Standard) using the OpenCC converter. It considers words and phrases in order to more accurately convert the sentences, so the results are pretty accurate and reliable, but you may still find some conversion errors here and there. I don’t think they are very relevant though.

WARNING: Don’t rename the .css file or the font file. If you change anything, they won’t work properly, unless you unpack the .mdx file, change the link to the .css and compile it again.

By: 「水」a.k.a. Bogozarnyj a.k.a. Scho a.k.a. Зун a.k.a. Shuibogo