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You can use this tool to download such books:

or here (with instructions how to):


Thank you so very much! I’ll take a look.

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if not worked try Chrome widget.



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The above tool, created by Maximka, “is based on original script with many feature additions”. It’s the same, but with user interface (for Windows).

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Do these tools download the best-resolution images?

Yes. See the ad.txt file:

“# Image resolution (10 to 0, 0 is the highest), [default 0]”. Just leave “0” there.

我用这个会出现http.client.RemoteDisconnected: Remote end closed connection without response,请问有人知道如何解决吗?

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@Wankata @chehongzhi @bud I am deeply appreciative of the insight you provided. Your gracious assistance has left me feeling privileged and indulged. I experimented with both techniques (since the third one is essentially the same as the first) and they both worked like a charm, only that one returned separate images instead of a consolidated PDF file, which is nevertheless not a big deal. Thank you all!

By the way, do you happen to have some light to shed on how to extract original documents with uncompromised visual quality from

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Unfortunately no…


For me, downloading in JPG format is an advantage - I download dictionaries exclusively, and it is important to be able to search in them, e.g. they must be recognized. So before recognition, I can process the photos with a program like FastStone Photo Resizer (unify the size of the photos, make preliminary corrections, especially if the pages will be in color, etc.). Otherwise, with Adobe Acrobat, I combine and print the photos through a virtual printer to an acceptable size, for example A4 or B5 (by default they are usually very large).

Thank you all the same, dear brother. You see, you have once again broadened my knowledge with the FastStone application. :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon:

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Try Chrome Extention “Internet Archive Downloader” which can dowload arhives as one single pdf file.

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Thanks, bro! That’s indeed a more convenient way of doing it, if you aren’t particular about the slight differences in page size.

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Their servers are very often overloaded, just try again later.