MacOS dictionaries

I found that the majority of the dictionaries embedded in MacOS are already availble in various forms (mdx, dsl…), BUT some are not so easy to find:

Prisma Handwoordenboek Engels (荷兰文-英文)(Dutch - English.dictionary)
Prisma woordenboek Nederlands (荷兰文)(Dutch.dictionary
Từ điển Lạc Việt (越南文-英文)(Vietnamese - English.dictionary)
Oxford PWN Polish-English Dictionary - Wielki słownik polsko-angielski (波兰文-英文)(Polish - English.dictionary)
राजपाल हिन्दी शब्दकोश (印地文)(Hindi.dictionary)
Oxford Arabic Dictionary - عربي-إنجليزي • إنجليزي-عربي (阿拉伯文-英文)(Arabic - English.dictionary)
Oxford Bengali Dictionaries - বাংলা-ইংরেজি • ইংরেজি-বাংলা(孟加拉语-英语)(Bangla - English.dictionary)
Oxford Turkish Dictionary - Türkçe-İngilizce • İngilizce-Türkçe (土耳其文-英文)(Turkish - English.dictionary)
Arkadaş Türkçe Sözlük (土耳其文)(Turkish.dictionary)
英譯廣東口語詞典 (粤语-英文)(Cantonese - English.dictionary)

Could anyone be kind to share some of them?



The posting should be in “资源求助”,not“英英”.“英英”is for sharing mdx only.



[MacOS]Dictionary.app专用词库集合 百度网盘链接基本都失效了

The administrator can move the post as he wishes.
The only goal Is to increase the number of those dicts available.