Lexikon deutscher Partikeln - Helbig

Lexikon deutscher Partikeln
Format: .dsl (for GoldenDict)

Helbig, Gerhard:
Lexikon deutscher Partikeln/Gerhard Helbig. -2., unveränd.
Aufl. - Leipzig: Verlag Enzyklopädie, 1990. - 258 S.
ISBN 3-324-00310-5

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Also check the “German Master Collection”.


@Wankata Thanks for uploading this series of books into FreeMDict Cloud. They are really good! Of course, professionals with a background in Linguistics benefit more from this, but they are also useful for advanced languager learners.

There is also a “Lexikon zum Artikelgebrauch” by “Hans-Jürgen Grimm” but it is much more difficult to convert it into a version for GoldenDict. A really tough cookie! :joy:

I began to work on converting the “Duden Die Grammatik” (8th. Edition). Unfortunately, that is not the latest version. If you find the latest version, please share it :smiley:

Thanks for your great work…!

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I have the latest version of “Duden Die Grammatik” — Duden Band 4 Grammatik Auflage 10 !!!
Duden Band 4 Grammatik Auflage 10.pdf (8.8 MB)
Here is the attached audio file
Duden Band.zip (984.5 KB)
or you can find the audio in the following official site


Hi again.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

You can visit my special Duden-collection - I hope you will find there a lot of helpful books:

Especially Die Grammatik:

I must say thanks, not you… Thanks for all you do!

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Dear Friends Wankata and @GoldnerBaum

I realized that the “Duden Die Grammatik” is simply not suitable to be used on GoldenDict as a “Dictionary”.

Making an index would be too much work and the final result would be bad. Sorry. I cannot complete this project now. Maybe in the future we could find a solution.

Thanks for sharing the latest version of Duden ! I am reading it :slight_smile:


But you don’t have to. :slight_smile: We all understand and are grateful for what you have done and continue to do!


Das macht nichts. :smiling_face:
To be honest, I can’t imagine how you will turn this professional grammar book into a dictionary. I think it is enough to read it as an e-book. There is a very good e-book reader Sumatra PDF on the windows desktop, which is very convenient to use