Vocabulary.com bug

I can’t use the Usage examples feature of the Vocabulary.com dictionary in my GoldenDict desktop. The “Next” button turns gray on the first click and doesn’t show the next group of examples, as shown in the picture:

However, when I put this dictionary at the top of the group of dictionaries, or use it as a single dictionary, the button works perfectly. Any idea why this happen and whether it can be fixed?



Thank you! Is your Vocabulary.com on the top of your dictionary group? Can you confirm that it works regardless of the position of the dictionary in the group?

I can confirm that the problem exists with all Qt5/6 (new) versions of GoldenDict. With older versions of GoldenDict everything works fine (1.5.0 versions). This means that with those versions I can put Vocabulary.com anywhere in the group and it will work fine.

GD我用了一段時間就刪掉了,不常用電腦查單詞,希望其他GD用戶看到這個帖子並可以幫助你 :smile_cat:


if you are using NG version, disable this:

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I’ve tried your suggestion, and I used different ng versions but no dice again. As long as I keep Vocabulary.com on top it works fine, otherwise it doesn’t work most of the time (it looks haphazard to me, works with some words then doesn’t and with the same word it might work or not, it is anyone’s guess).
Anyway, I’ll keep this dictionary in a separate group and switch to it as I need it. Thank you for the help!

(BTW, it is rather strange that ng versions create two folders in the Roaming folder, one is named just “GoldenDict” and the other is “GoldenDict-ng”. I don’t guess it is related to this problem but it does look unusual)

原因多半是因为与其他词典的js有冲突。 你可以单独放在一个group里面试一试。

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about the two folders,goldendict-ng is used for web cache.The folder will be removed later

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Thank you! The problem persists with Vocabulary com put together with any other dictionary in the same group, regardless whether they have a separate javascript file or not. As I said before, when I put it as first in the group, it works flawlessly. I do as you suggest - I use it in a separate group as the first dictionary and no problems whatsoever.