[link words] Four apples怎么读? :doge: fɔːˈræp.l ̩z

linking r is pronounced only before a vowel in British English:
fɔːr + ˈæp.l ̩z = fɔːˈræp.l ̩z
four + apples = four apples

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drawing (可读可不读)

最简单的居然是搜 four or (youglish):sweat_smile:


很意外,linking r 被很多词典收录了,
同样很意外,“牛津简明语言学词典” 搜linking r 读读,发现少了点内容。比如音标缺失。

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一、在同一意群中相邻的两个词,前词的尾音是/ɑ:/ /ɔ:/ /ɜ:/ /ɪə/ /eə/ /ʊə/,并以字母r或re结尾,同时后词以元音开头,字母 r或re 要发 /r/的音并与后面的元音连读,这种连读叫做“r连读”。
far‿away; for‿example; more‿and more; stir‿up; after‿all; here‿and there; take care‿of; poor‿old man; There‿is‿a pair‿of shoes‿under the bed. There‿are‿about four‿American friends.

a) 对两个词不在同一意群,不能用“r连读”。
例如: She locked the door,and hurried away. door 和and 不能用“r连读”。
b) 前词的尾音节如果在拼写上首尾都有字母r ,不能用“r连读”。
① nearer and nearer; nearer和and不能用“r连读”。
② a roar of laughter; roar和laughter不能用“r连读”。
c) 前词的尾音节在拼写上没有字母r或re,不能插入/r/来连读。
① the idea of it;
② I saw it.
在idea 和of ,I和saw it 之间应避免插入来“r连读”。



对哇 为啥 roar 都要停顿,音标里明明标的 linking r 呢,youglish 一般都是 roar 前后停顿。

  1. 逗号隔开不要连读 linking r
  2. 单词首尾皆为r,不要连读 linking r

三是个啥,拼写上没有 r 不要加 linking r,是什么神需求。

:ledger:我再看看,还要结合 intrusive r 一起看
:ledger:应该还要足够常见,用物书堂搜r*r 再看verb 看到个 reappear ,youglish 搜了搜 uk 视频切片,发现有连读,有没连读。可能是 演讲高级方法,用停顿造成抑扬顿挫的,再看看

There are three basic ways to link words in English: consonant to consonant, consonantto vowel, and vowel to vowel.

  1. You can link two consonants if one word ends with a consonant sound, and the next word starts with the same sound, or a similar sound.
    In this case, the two words ‘share’ the consonant sound.
  2. You can link any consonant to any vowel.
    It can be helpful to imagine that the consonant ‘belongs’ to the second word.
  3. You can link two vowel sounds together by adding a consonant between them.
    You need to add /w/ or /j/ depending on the two vowel sounds.
    If you’re not sure how to link two vowels, just relax and try out the different combinations.
    Remember that linking is supposed to make speaking easier, not harder! That’s the end of the lesson.

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