The Routledge Dictionary of Pronunciation


The Routledge Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English is the most up-to-date record of the pronunciation of British and American English. Based on research by a joint UK and US team of linguistics experts, this is a unique survey of how English is really spoken in the twenty-first century. This second edition has been fully revised to include:

a full reappraisal of the pronunciation models for modern British and American English;
2,000 new entries, including new words from the last decade, encyclopedic terms and proper names;
separate IPA transcriptions for British and American English for over 100,000 words;
information on grammatical variants including plurals, comparative and superlative adjectives, and verb tenses.
The most comprehensive dictionary of its type available, The Routledge Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English is the essential reference for those interested in English pronunciation.
The Routledge Dictionary of Pronunciation.pdf (9.7 MB)




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