The Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words (PDF)

the file below is the scanned and compressed pdf file of oxford dictionary of difficult words downloaded from libgen (the size of the original file is around 98 MB)

Oxford difficult words.pdf (18.4 MB)

the file is also uploaded in freemdict cloud.

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Wow, your Internet connection is slow. :rofl: :rofl:


I don’t know why the flle is slow to download (It takes 4-7 seconds when I redownload the file). It might be the size or the file is uploaded from outside China. It usually take little longer when people from other countries download the file from baidu. I am trying to upload the file in cloud freemdict but I can’t sign in with this account. Thanks for the feedback by the way :slight_smile:

what is the issue?

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For some people, the file probably takes time to download. I try to upload them in freemdict cloud, but I can’t sign in with this account (my acount usera). When I tried to register (to make an account) using email, there is no verification in my email since my email has been used to make my account. Should I use another email to create/ register the cloud?

Try another email. If still cannot, ping me.

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It works. Thank you

I have its epub format. Should I upload it here?

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Yes please.
An EPUB format can be converted to mdx easily.

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Here is it in epub format…

Download link

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sure :slight_smile: