(EDRDG) JMdict [Version 2022.09.20]

I wasn’t satisfied with the mdx conversions of this dictionary I could find so I made my own.

Machine translation:


六兄 EDRDG已经说明很多了,而且还写了JMDICT

I am sorry, I thought that this dict was ubiquitous enough that everyone would know about it.
It is a large open source dictionary (originally called edict) started by Jim Breen and now managed by the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group.
It is what the vast majority of free english-japanese dictionaries use as a back end but a lot of people aren’t really aware of it.

Machine translation:
它是一个大型开源词典(最初称为edict),由Jim Breen创建,现在由电子词典研究与开发小组管理。


Did you forget to include the favicon? Yours doesn’t include this small icon.

thank you for your great work!
bug report,when there is a linkable word with different spelling(separated by middle dot, but share the same link), the link does not exist, they should be separated by different link.


Thank you very much for the valuable feedback! I have updated the files in the original post, please download again.

Machine translation:


Only from the shot of “乙" head, I guess the editors of JMdict might not be good at Japanese, and the examples are a little wierd, maybe the editors are machines at the back end of PC.

To be frank, any english japanese is bound to be bad due to the huge language gap. This goes for any language but everyone should aim for a transition to monolingual dictionaries. It also doesn’t help that it is an open source project. Not all entries are as bad as 乙, I just happened to chose that one because it contained most of the css features available.
Concerning the examples, the jmdict page explains that these come from the Tanaka Corpus made by Professor Yasuhito Tanaka at Hyogo University and his students. Professor Yasuhito Tanaka even acknowledged himself that “the collection wasn’t of a very good standard”.

That being said, it is very impressive and valuable work for an open source project. I still do believe that it is a good stepping stone for new learners (especially english speakers).

I do not believe there exists any official icon for the project.