Telegram Group: International members cannot join

Dear @hua , the Captcha in the Telegram Group makes it impossible for non-chinese speakers to solve.

I tried to join from a new Telegram Account and was banned. I would suggest to use a mathematical solution instead of this:


Thanks to the Telegram Chat, in 2021 I was able to find 2 chinese speakers and we worked together to scrape Forvo.

So, international members can also contribute in the Telegram group…


Will find and use another anti-spam robot.


A very powerfull anti-spam bot is “Rose Bot”. It is by far the most popular TG bot and can be configured in many languages. It kills 99% of Spammers. !

I could help you to configure the bot @hua :smiley:

Can you try again now? I changed to another that supports English.

It works perfectly now ! Thank you very much !