Method to color GERMAN nouns by gender on browser

The German Language has around 260,000 words (lemma) according to

Learners of German struggle to learn the grammatical gender of nouns.

Possible Solution:

A method to color German nouns by gender on any website.

On July 10th, 2022 a German Developer published “UserScript” which is still on early development called “gendercol”. I will describe here how to install it on PC and Android

DISCLAIMER: I am member of the “Free Software Movement”. Therefore, I will only describe how to use this method on Firefox Browser as is the only Free and Open Source Software that can compete against Chrome [Fuck off Google!].


1) Install Firefox Browser (can also be used with Chrome or any Chromium-based browser).

2) Install an add-on called “TamperMonkey” : Tampermonkey – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

**3)Download the file called “”:

Decompress the .zip file and open the .txt file. Then, select all the text (CTRL + A) and copy into the Clipboard (CTRL + C).

4) On the Add-on Bar of Firefox, click with the primary mouse buttton over the “TamperMonkey” Icon. Then, click over “Create a New UserScript”.

Select All the text (Ctrl + A) in the box that appears (16 lines) and DELETE. Then, copy all the content from the .txt file and paste it in the above field (beginning from line 1). After pasting the code, press CTRL + S to save the content. Ready.

The script is now “loaded” and functional only on PC. Load any German website and see how nouns are colored.

The following steps are necessary to apply the same method into Android.

5) On “TamperMonkey” on your PC: Go to SETTINGS > General > Configuration Mode > Switch from Beginner to EXPERT.

6) More options will appear in the same Window under the “EXPERT” mode. Scroll Down until a section called “Userscript Sync”.

7) Choose Dropbox" as a Sync Provider and press “Save config”. Then, press over “Sync” and authorize “TamperMonkey” access to your DropBox account in order to load the data into your cloud. Sync and wait until succesfully finished (1-2 minutes).

8) Install FIREFOX NIGHTLY on your Android (available on Play Store):

9) Follow these instructions to activate the Developer mode on Firefox Nightly and user TamperMonkey: How to Run Tampermonkey Scripts on Android or iOS - Chrunos

10) Sync your Android TamperMonkey account via your same Dropbox account (where a previous sync was done on your PC). Ready !

Websites should now be modified on Android to display the Gender of all nouns.

Adding a visual feedback is very helpful to remember the correct gender ! It just makes a huge difference to learn the correct Gender and constantly be reminded about it. As a friend of mine said: “After the coloring, the visual processing of nouns resembles an artificial synesthesia.”

Enjoy and share… :sparkling_heart:

Screenshot on Firefox Nightly on Android:

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Google mistreats users in many ways. I do not recommend to use Google Chrome ! Instead, Firefox tries to respect user’s privacy and is the best alternative.

Check the concept of “Surveillance Economy”:

Here is a short video:

Any feedback would be very welcome. We are trying to improve the script to color German nouns.
Thanks in advance !

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