Comical adj. 是comedy n.变形

我以前一直以为是comic + al 来的,意外呢

Late Middle English (in the sense ‘relating to or in the style of comedy’): from Latin comicus (see comic) + -al.

online etymology dictionary
1550s, “of or pertaining to comedy,” from comic (or Latin comicus) + -al (1). Meaning “funny, exciting mirth” is from 1680s. Also sometimes in 17c. “befitting comedy, low, ignoble.” Related: Comicality; comicalness.

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月余以后再看自己的发帖,完全忘记在哪里看到的comical adj. 是 comedy n. 的变形:melting_face:
查词典也只能查到 comic + al

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