Macmillan American English Dictionary online 2019

Here I have Longman study dictionary of American English app, but not in mdx format, if you interested I can send you a link?

Yes, but there are no essential dictionaries like Collins Cobuild essential English dictionary, Collins young learners thesaurus etc

Thanks for giving me your attention…

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You mean?

Ok, no problem

@Sirabbas bro, Do you have Macmillan Study Dictionary in mdx or txt? I’m really interested in this dictionary.

No sorry, I have an edition for computer…

If you talking about it. So I have it. If you have only English version so kindly send me. Thank you

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How can I do it? I don’t know

What happened?

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Offline text, offline thesaurus and offline voices are present in zip file. You can download it from telegram app…