Macmillan American English Dictionary online 2019

I am uploading here Macmillan American English dictionary online 2019 complete data in .txt format.
If someone would like to convert it into mdx format…
Specialy for @coffee
File is enough big, so I shared it in at telegram…
The link is here
Telegram: Contact @freemdict


It is a great country! We cannot use telegram, twitter, google, facebook, etc. This country is named “Isolated 大清”!

So how can I help you because it is about 250 mb and can’t be uploaded here

I have no idea. But thank you very much, guy. Maybe Google drive is Ok.

Ok I try to share it wait…

Is Firefox share suitable for you?

I don’t understand it. But we can use Firefox brower even though I never try it.

Would you like to convert it too?

Sorry! bro. I don’t know how to convert it into mdx format, too. I’m just a learner.

Oho, but Macmillan American English dictionary online is not in mdx, it is txt format data for expert who can make it into mdx?

Thanks! I have saved it. Yes, we need an expert!

Download it, when I will delete it, it will not remain in your drive, then let me know?

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Ok, thank you

Thank you for replying, basically one person mention you in a comment, so I upload here for you. Other wise I have different versions of Macmillan dictionary. I only need Macmillan school dictionary complete version.

I suggest you If you want to make something different so make Longman culture dictionary.

Here I have Longman study dictionary of American English app, but not in mdx format, if you interested I can send you a link?

Yes, but there are no essential dictionaries like Collins Cobuild essential English dictionary, Collins young learners thesaurus etc

Thanks for giving me your attention…

他把你跟icoffee搞混了 :doge:

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You mean?