Macmillan American English Dictionary online 2019

I am uploading here Macmillan American English dictionary online 2019 complete data in .txt format.
If someone would like to convert it into mdx format…
Specialy for @coffee
File is enough big, so I shared it in at telegram…
The link is here

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I suppose there is already this dictionary in mdx, please check the following link:

PS: OK, I got it. You are uploading the American dictionary. But sorry, I don’t have a telegram.

It is a great country! We cannot use telegram, twitter, google, facebook, etc. This country is named “Isolated 大清”!

So how can I help you because it is about 250 mb and can’t be uploaded here

I have no idea. But thank you very much, guy. Maybe Google drive is Ok.

Ok I try to share it wait…

Is Firefox share suitable for you?

I don’t understand it. But we can use Firefox brower even though I never try it.

Would you like to convert it too?

Sorry! bro. I don’t know how to convert it into mdx format, too. I’m just a learner.

Oho, but Macmillan American English dictionary online is not in mdx, it is txt format data for expert who can make it into mdx?

Thanks! I have saved it. Yes, we need an expert!

Download it, when I will delete it, it will not remain in your drive, then let me know?

@Sirabbas Thanks. I have downloaded it.

I will spend about 20 minutes for this. After that, I will upload the mdx. But of course it will not be perfect then, but I hope others may further improve.

Ok, thank you

I suppose what I made can only be a demo as shown in this figure

I didn’t treat the thesaurus, jump links, the sounds (it really requires more time)
mae.mdx (34.1 MB)

For your information, you make check what I did to the text files in the following source (29.6 MB)

This source can be compiled into a mdx file using mdxbuilder.exe (you may google to find this tool)

PS: I wonder why the Macmillian American English Dictionary is of interest, because we already have a nice Macmillian British English Dictionary in this forum.


I have checked the word “color” in this American dictionary and British dictionary, as following pictures.


It seems to me that the only difference is that we need one additional jump from “color” to “colour” in the British version, while the definitions are identical.

So I am sorry but I can not find any reason to make one additonal American version.

Please check the following link for the British version:

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Thank you for replying, basically one person mention you in a comment, so I upload here for you. Other wise I have different versions of Macmillan dictionary. I only need Macmillan school dictionary complete version.

I suggest you If you want to make something different so make Longman culture dictionary.

I am somewhat confused but anyway thank you for the data.

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