FORVO Pronunciations in All Languages (>6.7 million)

You are using the Forvo audios as a Sound Collection.

If you want a more beautiful layout just use the audios as a .dsl dictionary:

  1. download the .zip file from here: FreeMdict Cloud

  2. Decompress the .zip file and choose the language of your interest (.eg. English).

  3. Paste the .dsl file besides the .zip file containing all the audios

  4. rename the .zip file from the audios as described in the instructions above.

For example:

ForvoEnglish.dsl (all forvo audios zipped)

其实这么显示也没关系,我只是想点击直接在 GD 里播放,而不是新打开一个播放器播放

我改用 mp3 版的,能完美工作了!能点击直接在 GoldenDict 里播放
可能我的 GD 版本不支持 opus 格式


Indeed, there is nothing more that should have been said but, “Thank you so much!!!”

This will truly help language-learners a lot. Kudos FreeMdict and all the people that make this haven of knowledge a possibility. Blessed be. :pray:

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I try to load the persian audios with dsl (dsl+zip) but the app gives me an error when I try to load one audio “WARNING: the referenced ressources failed to download”.

Try from here - there is (I think) a temporary problem with Free Mdict Cloud - it just took one hour to upload ~10 MB…:

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