Langenscheidt Vokabeln Audio (German) .mdx

Langenscheidt Vokabeln Audio (De-De)
Format: .mdx
Headwords: 29.596
.mdx compilation: Chigre (2013.06.13)
Source: .dsl version from /

– Also check the German Pronunciations from Forvo in .mdx format –



Das ist wohl das beste Aussprachewörterbuch für Deutschlerner des Anfängerniveaus


Dear @Existentialismus , what are your tricks to learn so many languages at a high level ? :smiley:

Please help us… ! I am only learning German only I feel jealous… :joy:

By the way, are you a heavy user of Anki / SRS ? If so, you might like a software called “VocabSieve” for sentence mining.

If you do not use Anki, how on earth can you remember so much vocabulary in many languages ? :joy:

I didn’t learn them at the same time, but concentrated on one language at a time. Have you ever heard about the intelligible input theory of Dr. Krashen? You just need to increase the language input like watching Youtube videos or TV series. In this way you will acquire the language unconsiously.

我觉得改成:Have you ever heard about the intelligible input theory (proposed) by Dr. Krashen?会更好

请教:能说一下怎么setup?GoldenDict displays a warning saying “The referenced resource failed to download”. 试了很多方法诸如音频打包等都无果。先谢了

It works fine on GoldenDict-ng by Xiaoyifang: GitHub - xiaoyifang/goldendict-ng: The Next Generation GoldenDict

I use GoldenDisct-ng as well, but with the mac OS 11 build. Are you using the latest windows version? Do you have the same folder structures as downloaded? Did you compress the audio files? If yes, in which folder did you put the zip file? Again, thanks in advance.

In addition, did you add the audio path in the setup of the audiofiles? If so, could you upload a screen shot? Thanks

I use Manjaro Linux. It works fine. The .mdx dictionary should NOT be added as an audio file. You simply need to index it as a normal dictionary… Mac sucks! It might be a problem with MacOS… I do not know. If so, please open an issue on GitHub to see if Xiaoyifang can solve it.

Thank you for shearing! I tried with Windows 10, and everything is going well.

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  1. download Index of FreeMDict Cloud - GoldenDict Dictionaries
  2. search Langenscheidt Vokabeln Audio
  3. find out its place in the folder structure
  4. download
    FreeMdict Cloud
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Thanks for the description. Yes, I provided the “parent folder” to motivate people to find more dictionaries and use the “index” made by @Wankata