Extreme Deutsch (German Learners Dictionary)

Extremes Deutsch Multi (German Learners Dictionary)
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Number entries: 22.088
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Extremes Deustch (Deu-Deu).
Compiled from the “Extremes Deutsch Multi” course.
Course Description:
“Extremes Deutsch Multi” is a monolingual German course that has been created for those who would like to optimise their learning time, use support to study regularly and develop their scope of vocabulary. Learning with the “Extremes Deutsch Multi” course at all levels allows you to master words and phrases in many topics, including for example science and technology, banking, commerce and investment, education, work, industry and many others.
The dictionary includes 4 levels:

  • Grundstufe (A1-A2)
  • Mittelstufe (B1-B2)
  • Aufbaustufe (C1)
  • Oberstufe (C2)