DWDS German Frequency Dictionary ( GoldenDict )

DWDS German Frequency Dictionary -Frequenzbarometer-
Source: Erschließung: Worthäufigkeit | DWDS
Number of Entries: 262,402
Formats: .dsl and .mdx

Download: DWDS Frequency -Frequenzbarometer- (Deu-Deu).7z (3.4 MB)

.mdx dictionary kindly made by @Existentialismus. See comment below.

All words are categorized in 7 groups. From most common (6) to less common words (0). Useful for language learners to make emphasis on high-frequency words.

Ranking: From 1 to 262.402
Every word has a second number that refers to its position in the DWDS ranking. For example:

5 | 201 |

5 is the category (from 6 to 0)

201 means that “Arbeit” lies at position 201 from 262.402 words in the DWDS Ranking. In other words, “Arbeit” is the “201” most common word in German.

There are 3 Frequency Corpora for German:

  • DWDS
  • Leipzig Corpora Collection

Raw data ( .txt format ) dwds_freq.txt (8.7 MB)

THANKS to Xu Yinuo for data scraping ! 许一诺 - 知乎

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DWDS Frequency.7z (4,1 MB)

I just converted this dsl file into mdx, enjoy!

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Thank you very much @Existentialismus ! I was wishing to have an mdx !

Now, learners of German can use that Frequency Dictionary with Anki and this Add-on:

Fast Word Query: Multi-threaded queries for words from local or web dictionaries - AnkiWeb

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