I need help get this dictionary

I’d be much grateful and indebted if any one here could help me find this dictionary in pdf format.
Thanks in advance.
Here you are the link :

The PDF format comes from somewhere else. And in this case you should try Chaoxing Duxiu 超星读秀 instead.

Here is a sample of the dictionary:

And there is a corresponding identifier called SSid for finding the full copy. The SSid for this book is 10388425. You can find it in the URL of the front matter (版权、前言、目录) reading page.

Will try to upload when I have the time.

Thanks for your reply.
Please, upload it here when you have the time.
Thanks in advance.

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I noticed that you have difficulty with Baidu services. Which file transfer/storage service do you prefer? Name a few and I will try uploading there in case the file gets too big for this website.

Thanks for your interest.
google drive
or send it directly to my email and I’d be much grateful and indebted.
Is there a way to download bilingual chinese English dictionaries from Chinese sites.
I want another book and I don’t want to annoy people by my requests .
[email protected]
thanks in advance.

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SSID 13320684.

Thanks for being interested in my two books. I did my best to download the two books but in vain.
I couldn’t deal with the site.
If you have an account on telegram ,you can upload them to me when you have the time.
or send me a direct link or upload them to any easy to deal with hosting site.
Million thanks for your help.

Are you in the Telegram group for this website (Telegram: Contact @freemdict)? What name did you use for Telegram? I will mention (@) you when the files are ready.

This is my account on telegram. I am not a member of freemdict on telegram.
What is your account?
What name do you use for your account?
Is it the same as here?
Thanks in advance.

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If you don’t mind you can join the group, and I will share the files with every group member.

I tried to be a member there but there is something wrong.
Every time ,I try to join ,I get a message: “This group is not accessible.”
If you have your own account on telegram, send me the name,please.
Thanks in advance.

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I managed to join freemdict group on telegram.
I’d be grateful and indebted if you could upload the two books on collocations there when you have the time.
Please,mention me when the files are ready.
Thanks for your precious time.

Don’t know why someone who does not seem to speak Chinese would need this dictionary but there you go. Hope z-library is available where you are: https://1lib.domains/?redirectUrl=/book/18211034/a8a9ea

I do have to remind you that image quality is not so great.