Why does not Godendict render this mdx correctly?

Recently, I build a dictionary from a text file by MDX Builder 3.0 beta 2. I change the format of the text file to html and get the output rendered in Google Chrome as

When I build the mdx from this text file, it is rendered by Goldendict as

I could not understand why there is such miss-arrangement. Could you please elaborate on this issue?

I attach both .html .txt .css in below.ff.rar (70.6 KB)

there is no css file in you archive

I’m sorry. Here it islarousse_ff.css (25.6 KB)

This is fine in Goldendict QT5 version.

QT4 version comes with some render issues which I have no idea how to solve.

Link to QT5 version: GoldenDict - Browse /early access builds/Qt5-based at SourceForge.net

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Thank you so much hua. I’m on the trip. I will check it out when coming back.